Soul music songs as enchanted

The Soul as its name implies is the soul. Each song Soul are sobbing, that’s heart sing. They did convey deep emotions to the listener that blend into the story with that music. Please introduce the Soul that we can not ignore.

The song “My Heart” – Artist: Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright came from the orchestra sang Gospel music, she has accumulated a traditional music style and adapted to his Soul music later. The song “My Heart” is not only the heart beat with wooden sets clear background with the sobbing of a woman was waiting. Listen to this song, we feel like the sound played by Lizz Wright comes from her own heart.


The song “Do You Love Me Now” – Singer: Nneka

When listening Nneka sings, few know that she was German descent with Nigeria and Germany. Most of the time she was in Nigeria but not so far removed Nneka’s music to the world. In the song “Do You Love Me Now”, Nneka as being begged or asked to be confirmed and affirmed love yourself. There were moments, her voice has rung up, we thought she was crying in the theater of his sentence. After listening to this song, you’ll love Nneka right away?

The song “I Do not want to miss a thing” – Singer: Selena Jones

The public was so familiar and favorite song “I Do not want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith. If rock bands with songs express the powerful torn it with Selena Jones, this old songstress like sitting opposite to you, depicting a beautiful face with a smile, a kiss to then laments to slip away. Singing round the rim, clear letters Selena Jones accenting each word makes the listener to sing again caught up in the song. After listening to this song, you will probably thought this was a song different from what you heard.