Soul Music – the pride of African Americans

Is a combination of R & B and gospel, with lyrics mundane and more rhythmic catchy, easy to sing soul music spread rapidly beyond the scope of the community of African-American and became the pride of the skin come.


Before learning about the soul, we need to be familiar with two other concepts are relatively common, such as R & B and Gospel music. R & B Rhythm and blues popular in the community blacks African Americans from the 1940s, is defined for the first time as a genre “elegant, swaying, with background jazz with beat stronger and hit the go receive”. Gospel or gospel music is “religious music of African-Americans based on the church choir with solo voices virtuosity”. Gospel music was introduced to African-American culture since the beginning of the 17th century once again can be derived from the gospel music’s 2,000-year history of hymns in church music and folk music of rural areas.

The definition of soul music recorded in the Museum Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “music arising from the experience of black people in America, through the transformation of gospel music and R & B into a form of funky and more secular. ” The phrase “soul music” officially appeared in 1961, meaning itself is genre-style gospel with secular lyrics. The word “soul” in the words of black Americans have a broader sense the pride and culture. Catchy melody, rhythm is pressed by the applause and the arbitrary motion of the body are the features of the soul.

In addition, there is the repartee between the vocalist and the backing vocals. While performing, in paragraph break between paragraphs, the singer used to say a few words what species which are not found in the song. Soul music was born thanks to the innovation of a new generation of musicians after the war – who has made gospel music became a secular art form and easy to sing, easy to remember. Because of factors that soul quickly became popular.

Some typical artist: Ray Charles, Otis Redding, The Impessions, Aretha Franklin

Soul music became popular by chance. At the time of the birth of soul music, racial discrimination in the United States is still extremely fierce. Until 1980, the term “African American” are used in the United States. Previously, only white people use the word “Negro” or “all”.

When movements struggle for the civil rights of blacks moving into a new phase, large demonstrations broke out and race pride rising, soul music is not just music for bar party colored year, it became the flag of revolt nationalist movement. Although in essence, soul does not bring political factors, but it climbed to high positions in the charts of popular music at the time was considered a success first, and most visible in public reclaim the civil rights of blacks. Soul then received by both whites and had great success in reducing racism in America. Whites, most prejudiced and conservative, also started to change the look of black soul music since birth. Two cultures began with the mutual communication, including the significant contribution of the music.

The first artist of soul music

The name is mentioned first is Ray Charles Robinson, singer, songwriter and pianist blind in Los Angeles. Ray Charles is said to be the creator of the soul music genre with the first hit in 1954, released by Atlantic Records – “I Got a Woman”. Ray is also well known people who put lyrics to the melody secular gospel music had earlier. This had been opposed, saying it is blasphemous to church. The second peak complex combination of jazz-blues-gospel and Latin music, the song “What’d I Say” was released in 1959. Although in many radio stations banned by is sexually suggestive lyrics , but the song still rise dramatically in the top 10 in the ranking of popular music. Ray Charles was the first black artist to do that.

Ray Charles (23/09/1930 – 06/10/2004)

If Ray Charles was recognized as the first to bring soul music by secularization gospel songs, the Queen of soul – Aretha Franklin – to bring fuller. Atlantic Records, once again, produced and released the song “I Never Loved A Man” by Aretha in 1967, which led to a series of top recordings of soul music of all time.

Aretha Franklin (born 03/25/1942)

Little Richard, Fats Domino and James Brown was the first soul music artists. However, they are inclined to regard themselves as liking the music more rock and roll. Anyhow, also rooted rock R & B, James Brown asserts that in essence, he is a singer of R & B. Little Richard was hailed as “king of rock and roll, blues and soul ryhm and” because his music is the embodiment of all three genres and influence artists in that genre. In addition, Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke is also known as the ancestor of this soul music. In the later 1960s, Otis Redding was one of the singer, songwriter, producer a big impact in terms of style and soul of trade, with the launch of Sound record label Stax. Atlantic Records is a record label released music pioneer of black people, but other than this company, Stax soul music Sound produced only with additional mixing gospel, funk, jazz, and blues.

Little Richard (born 5/12/1932)

Fats Domino (born 25/02/1928)

James Brown (03/05/1933 – 25/12/2006)

Otis Redding (09/09/1941 – 10/12/1967)

Soul music started to go into orbit develop and occupy the dominant position of the Negro music of the ’60s, especially in the 70s, and was borrowed by a generation of white artists popular in his day Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds as hours. Later, the popularity of soul music power decreases, but its influence is permanently ingrained in some form later music. m of modern music is not merely under a more specific category, which is mixed with the elements of the genre since its early days.