Prince of Soul and the tragedy of the day “April Fools” – Past 1

If no date “April Fools” fateful, perhaps life “Prince Soul” Marvin Gaye would not so tragic.

Marvin Gaye was dubbed the “Prince of Soul”. He is a singer, songwriter, famous American musicians.

Were exposed to music very early, Marvin Gaye began to sing in the church choir from the age of three. Later he was promoted Marvin his musical talents by learning the piano and drums.

Marvin Gaye (center) and his parents.

Idea that the way to Marvin Gaye’s music will be very convenient, but unfortunately that his father was a very strict with his children. According to her Alberta, Marvin Gaye has suffered consecutive beatings inflicted by his father since he was seven years old until as a teenager.

Speaking of the relationship between himself and his father, Marvin Gaye said: “Living with Father like to live with such a king, a king brutal, moody and tyrannical humans.”

Life is stressful for fathers is also the reason they changed their Marvin.

Even more intolerable because of the beatings, Marvin Gaye young man was soon joined the US Air Force. Such is the passion for music from a young age had to put aside.

Fortunately she was a mother of Alberta psychology, her supporters have given his son advancement in musical path. Shortly after being discharged, Marvin Gaye continued what is underway.

Marvin Gaye’s start from small steps only, he joined the theater in a local band.

But the real turning point was Marvin Barry Gordy Jr. is attention to Barry’s Motown record label founder celebrated. Marvin Gaye joined Motown signed in 1961.

A series of hits have been born in mind in the talent of Marvin Gaye and the support of Motown like Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide, Stubborn Kind of Fellow, Can I Get a Witness, Too Busy Thinking About My Baby, That’s the Way Love is … Especially Pride and Joy became the first hit song in the top 10 of the rankings Billbroad.

Marvin Gaye performed on stage.

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell was named the Royal pair of R & B.

Within three years the couple was particularly impressed with the audience by singing songs like Is not No Mountain High Enough, If I Could Build My Whole World Around You … Unfortunately heyday must stop Tammi takes to foreclose because of a brain tumor in 1970.

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell on the album cover.

Male artists have had two wives and three children. His first wife was the sister of Barry Gordy, Anna Gordy. The couple divorced in 1975 and they had a son, Marvin Pentz Gaye III is adopted.

Marvin Gaye and Anna Gordy.

Second marriage was with Marvin Gaye Janis Hunter, the love of two people who gave birth to one of the most famous love songs of all time is Let’s get it on. The song was number one on the Billboard charts.
Seems like the coast road south of the troubled artist. The second marriage ended a staggering in 1981. The couple had a daughter together Nona and a son is Frankie.