Seal – One of the core values of soul music

On November 2011, British singer Seal released the album titled Soul II. This is the second collection includes classic songs typical of the school of black artists. Interspersed with lyrical prelude to the soft rhythm, singing Seal carpentry select accent, dismissed the cumbersome details to find how primitive core soul music.

Henry Olusegun real name is Samuel, Seal was born in 1963 in London, in a family of immigrant descent, released original Nigerian and Brazilian mother. Time was little, he taught himself to sing piano lesson. At 17, he joined a band funky British (Push), and often went to sing with the group in the music shop. The band signed to Japan performances, until the expiration of the party returned to England, but Seal decided to stay in Asia. UK to Thailand and then to India, where he cultivate more skilled when it comes to singing the night away at the discos, restaurants and hotels for a living.

Returning to London after nearly 4 years of nomadic, Seal barely a penny in his pocket. 10 years to sing but never once had the opportunity to list. Whether he ever graduated in architecture, with sufficient qualifications in hand, but Seal has decided to pursue theater arts path. Seal chance to meet the band when he Adamski. The group recruited a new vocalist for their recording projects. An unexpected way, Killer songs first excerpt from the song book (Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy) jumped to first class European market. Also on the international market, the song Killer ranked 5th among the best-selling song in 1990.

From the early 1990s onwards, the name of Seal constantly going up. Within 10 years he released four albums. The climax of his career was in 1996, at a time when Seal won important prizes MTV and BRIT awards thanks to the Kiss from a Rose Music (Kiss of the Roses). The Grammy’s remaining period of the United States, he was named to three times, including two top prize is pop singer and best song of the year.

Entering the 2000s, Seal’s voice, though still popular, but the level of success is not shining brightly as ever. Dance pop with RnB but coordinated well with his singing, but even in this school, Seal was another series of names intense competition, they use images to convey the music, the song is illustrated by elaborately staged displays, master dance, jump smoothly.

And in private life, Seal married model Heidi Klum (2005), pictures of the couple often appeared on the cover of the press people, but can make the artist a bit disappointed. As well from which each new album release, the interview revolves heavily on private life than his passion for singing.

In search of a new breath, Seal accepted collaborative recordings with artists specializing in different genres: rock with Jeff Beck singer, jazz fusion guitarist Herbie Hancock, with DMX rap music, light music with French singer Mylène Farmer. But it was not until 2005, a private charity concert, Seal discovered the jazz singing his soul. The first song that brought soul music vaguely recorded Seal is composed of 70s singer Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach’s two authors and Hal David.

Hence also the idea of ​​recording the episode helped fuel soul music started in his mind. Until meeting Canadian producers David Foster, also known as witch hand, ready Seal embarked on a new adventure. Called ” adventure ” because recorded classic songs considered soul music so that’s not easy at all.

Forte music of black artists know how many giant trees and the most difficult for Seal is how to let music lovers to forget the original post to hear his version. In other words, how to escape from this influence of the masters and find a place for himself. In 2009, Seal released Soul music files first and less than two years after the second song book has just been released to fans. Collective Soul II marks 20 years since his career Seal released his debut album in 1991.

We can say that at the beginning, music lovers have responded quite enthusiastically for the first song book Soul debuted at the European market including Germany France Belgium Netherlands, Switzerland and ranked fourth on the US market . Seal’s voice is not soft flexible as Al Green, not thoughtful thousand six as Otis Redding, but was found to differentiate itself, by exploiting these weaknesses to then turn into advantages.

Seal’s voice is very rustic, dry place if not slightly hoarse thorny. Instead of hiding these imperfections, Seal has chosen it as the highlight factors: the version of Seal hence the easier identification. In the alternative phrasing, almost new coat for the time renowned love songs, the singer focuses on ways to release the text: reduplicative legato sounds trilled in between but abstinence ash