King of soul music was died

Percy Sledge, was dubbed the “king of soul music”, famous for the song When A Man Loves classic A Woman, has died in a hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (US), after a period of war fight liver cancer, at the age of 74 years old.

Sledge was diagnosed with liver cancer from one decade ago. From the last week of his health condition would go bad and ultimately led to the death.

Having a hit song by … lovelorn

Born in Leighton, Alabama, Sledge fame since 1960. He owns the vocal characteristic, unlike any other, and has produced many hit songs including Warm And Tender Love, It Tears Me Up and Take Time To Know Her.

Soul music of the 1960s mainly write about the rich man, strong but soft, vulnerable, lonely and desperate for love. In the song, they are sentimental, easy to cry. Sledge’s unique vocals fit well with such ballads. There is no exaggeration to say that no one owns voice broke many hearts as him.               


When A Man Loves song A Woman has become a trademark of Sledge. The song entered at number 53 in the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. This is his first single and is regarded as one of the immortal soul songs, the best of all time.

Sledge songs were recorded in 1966, when he was a 25 years old artist struggling to make a living. By day, he worked in a nursing home. At night he performed with the Esquires Combo band in local clubs.

Sledge said that after the sexual experience lasts 3 years with his girlfriend (1965 people had left him to come to Los Angeles modeling) helped him with emotion needed to perform When A Man Loves A Woman . Sledge also shared that he was shaking when recording When A Man Loves A Woman, but quickly regained his composure and brilliantly performed songs.

Ambassador of the humble origins

When A Man Loves A Woman When accounting for the top spot in the charts around the world, Sledge no longer have to work in a nursing home again. However, despite the amount of sold copies of When A Man Loves A Woman is very high, Sledge not get much profit from this song.

The reason he has signed contracts with two other members of the band as Calvin Lewis and Andrew Wright (who is also the author of the song), to accept lower profits. Because of this, he took hundreds of thousands of dollars. Later, Sledge admitted it was his worst decision.

When A Man Loves Later A Woman have been many singers back, like Michael Bolton and Bette Midler. It became the soundtrack of several films, including Platoon (Platoon), about the war in Vietnam. Also the song was also included in the advertising campaign of the brand Levis 1980s.

In 50-year career, almost every year the average Sledge also performs 100 concerts. The performances of the audience he always closed. In 1989, he was awarded the Organization R & B career achievement award and in 2005, he was named to the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll.

“It is sad that we have to say goodbye to a true legend, a man came lowly but great personality” – Mark Lyman, his friend and his managers are shared – ” everyone loved him, not only by the song When A man loves A Woman. He is an ambassador of the minority backgrounds. He is an international icon. “