Soul Music

Soul (soul music) is a musical genre with depth, quite common, are derived from the US in around 1950, early 1960. It is a combination of many elements from gospel music (music being negative) of African Americans, R & B (Rhythm and blues) and jazz.

Soul became a popular genre of music for dance and enjoy in the states in the US – where the famous labels such as Motwn, Atlantic and Stax had affected during the height of the the civil rights movement. Soul which also became a popular genre around the world, directly influenced rock and genres originating from Africa.

According to museum Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, soul music is a genre of music is formed from the experience of life of blacks in America through the transformation of gospel, R & B to funky, secular (music world continuous). The key feature of the rhythmic soul music is appealing, the beats emphasized by applause, the improvisation by the movements of the body.

Other characteristics, such as a mix between structured “question – answer” (call and response) between the solo and part friends, more particularly healthy is the sound of the vocal strain. This category also use additional elements like improvisation (improvisation), and singing legato sound reduplicative plugins like eh, ah, oh, yeah ….

Soul becomes dominant in the charts of music R & B USA in the 1960s, and many recordings then began to be on the charts pop music in the US, UK and elsewhere … In 1968, soul music began to split into many subgenres, some artists have developed into funk, while quite a few developing towards the complex, more mixed.

In the early 1970s, soul music has influenced psychedelic rock music and other genres. America has witnessed the development of neo-soul music (contemporary soul music) in about the year 1994. There are also several subgenres and twigs from the soul.

The main subgenres of soul music covers music styles Detroit (Motwn), this is a genre of music with rhythms influenced by gospel music; Music deepsoul and Southern soul, this is a kind soul and powerful “movement” than in conjunction with R & B music and the sounds of Southern gospel (gospel southern US), Memphis soul, a style dim , more sultry.

New Orleans soul, a style beyond the R & B; Chicago soul, a genre influenced slightly by the sound of gospel music; Philadelphia soul, echoes with a symphony inspired singing doo-wop music; Psychedelic soul, is a blend of psychedelic rock and soul music; blue-eyed soul, music genre performed by white artists; British soul; Northern soul, this is a fairly rare genre is played by the DJ in a nightclub in northern England.