If you would like to get win with lottery, you cannot miss Christmas because it is known as the best occasion of year for lottery game playing. Christmas is a good duration for gamblers to try their luck with lottery because lotteries in the world is going to raise their prizes and open many bonuses and promotion for those who are purchasing tickets.

Besides, lottery dealers will also have the promotions of decreasing the price of lottery ticket, which allow lottery players to purchase two betting slips for the same amount. This is also an occasion when Malaysia Lottery gets invitation players so as to compete for a guaranteed prize up to RM1 million.

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This prize is considered as one of the biggest one held by Irish lottery and the quantity of winner each year reach more than 2000 players. For this prize, players will be entitled to opt their numbers and await for them to be extracted, which is absolutely different from traditional Christmas lottery, the lottery ticket will have the raffle with the numbers printed on it.

Matching the winning number is unable for players because for each time, a winner is as a raffle ticket is extracted. There will be a hard time for lottery players to resist the temptation of purchasing discounted tickets for common lotteries.

As usual, the cost of lottery ticket will be cut down about 15% at Christmas. If you would miss a chance, you will be having more chances to strike it lucky this week. All player in Malaysia will be receive discount 10% as getting a ticket on December 31st – at the end of Christmas.

Lucky Number: 7492

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