Secret about your lucky life through Hand Line

We listen to the types of music, our personal style and our favorite foods say a lot about who we are. However, to find out who we really are, you do not need any external stimuli. All you need to do is take the time to notice something about yourself. And make it with sports toto!

Take the way you sleep or the specific color you’re psychologically drawing. Your inclination is a powerful indicator of your true self.

Another interesting insight can be found in the palm of your hand. Open it and look at the lines. Four of these lines reveal our strengths, weaknesses, experience, and the secrets of where we are in our lives.

Pocket PC reading technology known as the Pocket PC, in Asia, Persia, ancient Israel and the state of Babylon has been practicing for centuries. Palm reading is engraved by many important people deliberately engraving our history, as Alexander the Great and Aristotle once said: “The line is not without reason to write into the hands of people, very seriously. They stem from the influence of heaven and man himself “Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician and one of the most prominent figures in medical history, even uses the palm to help his clinical procedure. Mark Twain, Grover Cleveland and Thomas Edison also liked handheld computers to read, and would travel to London, England’s famous reader Cheiro to read his palms, who studied in Guru, India.

lucky life through Hand Line

However, if you are interested in learning how to read your palm, there is no need to buy a ticket to fly across the Atlantic. All you need to do is learn some important basics to open your hands …

Look at your palms. If the lines on the two palms are different, this means that you have tried to change your basic nature. Now focus on your advantage hand or what you have written.

Focus on the more advantageous hand, find your heart, head, life and fate line. Remember that the horizontal line needs to be read from the thumb side and perpendicular to the wrist. Play magnum right now with your luck.

Now only focus on your heart line.

If the line …

Extending from the side of your hand and ending below the index finger: you are content with your love life.

Extending from the side of your hand, ending below the middle finger: When you talk about love, you are selfish.

Extending from the side of your hand, ending between your middle and the ring finger: you are easy to fall in love.

Straight and short: You are not interested in romance.

Close to your fingers: You are a passionate, sometimes jealous people.

All the way through: your mood is over.

Touch your life line: your heart is easily broken.

Bend to the index finger: you are outward affectionate.

Straight line and parallel to your head line: You have a good deal of your emotions.

Wavy: You have a lot of relationships and lovers, but no serious relationship

Gap: You’ve gone through a heartbreak.

There are very few short lines going through the heart line: you have a roving eye and have a hard to keep faithful.

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In the horizontal line below the heart line take a Gandin, this is your head line.

If the line …

Is short: you like physical achievement rather than spiritual achievement.

Straight out of the hand: You are a very logical, no cranky thinker.

Is wavy or tortuous: you have a short span of attention, and your mind tends to wander.

Bend down, toward the wrist: You are creative and trustful.

Separate from your line of life: You want adventure and love life.

Circle: You have experienced emotional crisis.

There are multiple crossovers: indicating important decisions.

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