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Whether you plan on spending this Christmas you shouldn’t miss playing the Christmas toto4d lottery. This is the best time of the year to put your luck to the test, as major lotteries worldwide increase their prizes and offer a nice variety of bonuses to those purchasing tickets.

Some even cut down the price of their tickets or allow players to buy two betting slips for the same amount, but the freebies expire by the end of the year. Once a year, the Malaysia Lottery invites players to compete for a guaranteed prize of RM1 million.

toto calculation formula

Irish lottery is a unit which is an organizer for this biggest raffle, with more than 2000 players winning per year. It is unfamiliar a traditional Christmas lottery, where players opt their numbers and wait for them to be extracted, the raffle has the numbers already printed on the ticket.

It is incapable for players to fail to match the winning numbers, due to a winner is opted each time as a raffle ticket is extracted.  The lottery players will have a hard time resisting the temptation of buying discounted tickets for popular lotteries.

Lottery Tickets cost will be decrease less than 15% at Christ, if you have once ever missed out on the chance; you need to seize the opportunity to strike it lucky this week.  All Malaysia lottery players will receive a promotion of 10% discount with tickets bought this Christmas lottery scheduled for December 31st.

Lucky Number: 7492


Secret about your lucky life through Hand Line

We listen to the types of music, our personal style and our favorite foods say a lot about who we are. However, to find out who we really are, you do not need any external stimuli. All you need to do is take the time to notice something about yourself. And make it with sports toto!

Take the way you sleep or the specific color you’re psychologically drawing. Your inclination is a powerful indicator of your true self.

Another interesting insight can be found in the palm of your hand. Open it and look at the lines. Four of these lines reveal our strengths, weaknesses, experience, and the secrets of where we are in our lives.

Pocket PC reading technology known as the Pocket PC, in Asia, Persia, ancient Israel and the state of Babylon has been practicing for centuries. Palm reading is engraved by many important people deliberately engraving our history, as Alexander the Great and Aristotle once said: “The line is not without reason to write into the hands of people, very seriously. They stem from the influence of heaven and man himself “Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician and one of the most prominent figures in medical history, even uses the palm to help his clinical procedure. Mark Twain, Grover Cleveland and Thomas Edison also liked handheld computers to read, and would travel to London, England’s famous reader Cheiro to read his palms, who studied in Guru, India.

lucky life through Hand Line

However, if you are interested in learning how to read your palm, there is no need to buy a ticket to fly across the Atlantic. All you need to do is learn some important basics to open your hands …

Look at your palms. If the lines on the two palms are different, this means that you have tried to change your basic nature. Now focus on your advantage hand or what you have written.

Focus on the more advantageous hand, find your heart, head, life and fate line. Remember that the horizontal line needs to be read from the thumb side and perpendicular to the wrist. Play magnum right now with your luck.

Now only focus on your heart line.

If the line …

Extending from the side of your hand and ending below the index finger: you are content with your love life.

Extending from the side of your hand, ending below the middle finger: When you talk about love, you are selfish.

Extending from the side of your hand, ending between your middle and the ring finger: you are easy to fall in love.

Straight and short: You are not interested in romance.

Close to your fingers: You are a passionate, sometimes jealous people.

All the way through: your mood is over.

Touch your life line: your heart is easily broken.

Bend to the index finger: you are outward affectionate.

Straight line and parallel to your head line: You have a good deal of your emotions.

Wavy: You have a lot of relationships and lovers, but no serious relationship

Gap: You’ve gone through a heartbreak.

There are very few short lines going through the heart line: you have a roving eye and have a hard to keep faithful.

lucky number 110

In the horizontal line below the heart line take a Gandin, this is your head line.

If the line …

Is short: you like physical achievement rather than spiritual achievement.

Straight out of the hand: You are a very logical, no cranky thinker.

Is wavy or tortuous: you have a short span of attention, and your mind tends to wander.

Bend down, toward the wrist: You are creative and trustful.

Separate from your line of life: You want adventure and love life.

Circle: You have experienced emotional crisis.

There are multiple crossovers: indicating important decisions.

Let’s show toto 4d lucky number!


Forecasting Lucky number today from your hand line

Are you trying your best to win the toto 4d? Wow, it seems not to be simple anyway. In fact, it is not that everyone can reach the Lottery prizes as long as they buy the Lottery ticket. Imagine that you are on the ground and the Lottery prizes are on the top of the highest tree in the giant forest. Hence, in order to get them, you need to have a big effort.

However, we are going offer you one tip that can help the gap from you to the top of the tree be shortened. It is exactly Money Line. If you have all of the signs we mention as followings, we should try to 4d forecast right now. And then all you need to do is to buy the Lottery tickets and wait for a bog money from the Lottery system.

today 4d result

They way people can read the hand line to say about your fortune

What further is hidden in your Hand palm? How many children will you have? Will you marry soon or going to divorce? As the Palmistry state in your palm lines covered many energizing certainties that simply hold up until time to be uncovered.

It was Aristotle who developed many of the rules that informed early attempt on palmistry. After delivering the instructions to Alexander the Great, upon which he utilized them to examine all of his personal guards, this is as palmistry started to become popularized. There are different schools of palmistry that sometimes provide conflicting information. In spite of this, many individuals today still trust the specialty of palmistry to gauge future occasions in their lives, and advise their own impression of their own characters.

Since ancient cultures have been so invested in the study of palmistry for so long, naturally the rules of the art have been bent time and time again so as to be incorporated into different religions and communities. The core values still remain the same. Palmistry is the craft of spending the lines on a man’s hand to estimate general things that will happen in their future, and to find out certain inactive character qualities that the individual could possibly have known about.

toto calculation formula

There are different techniques that are used in palmistry so as to get a good reading. There are various primary and secondary lines that are stated to have a set meaning basing on the length and curvature of a person’s hand. This is traditional palmistry. Nevertheless, other interpretations of this art exist, which incorporate readings involving traits including fingernail length, skin pigmentation, hair on the knuckles, as well as even the wrists, and other markings such as moles or freckles.

In case you have the good line in your Hand palm, let’s try how lucky you are. And you are suggested to remember checking 4d past result all the time to make sure about your forecasted lucky numbers.



If you would like to get win with lottery, you cannot miss Christmas because it is known as the best occasion of year for lottery game playing. Christmas is a good duration for gamblers to try their luck with lottery because lotteries in the world is going to raise their prizes and open many bonuses and promotion for those who are purchasing tickets.

Besides, lottery dealers will also have the promotions of decreasing the price of lottery ticket, which allow lottery players to purchase two betting slips for the same amount. This is also an occasion when Malaysia Lottery gets invitation players so as to compete for a guaranteed prize up to RM1 million.

get lucky number

This prize is considered as one of the biggest one held by Irish lottery and the quantity of winner each year reach more than 2000 players. For this prize, players will be entitled to opt their numbers and await for them to be extracted, which is absolutely different from traditional Christmas lottery, the lottery ticket will have the raffle with the numbers printed on it.

Matching the winning number is unable for players because for each time, a winner is as a raffle ticket is extracted. There will be a hard time for lottery players to resist the temptation of purchasing discounted tickets for common lotteries.

As usual, the cost of lottery ticket will be cut down about 15% at Christmas. If you would miss a chance, you will be having more chances to strike it lucky this week. All player in Malaysia will be receive discount 10% as getting a ticket on December 31st – at the end of Christmas.

Lucky Number: 7492

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Finding your lucky number from the Hibiscus Rosa

With children in villages, the answer is never “no” whenever they are asked about Hibiscus Rosa. This a kind of flower growing in bushes. But it is a fine toy for the kids in the village. Hibiscus Rosa is a colorful one. They are in numerous colors including red as well as pink. Hibiscus flowers are not fragrant.

However, they still have attracted bees and butterflies. Hibiscus is one special flower in nature. It is not noble like roses and seductive as lilies or snobbish like orchids station. In fact, it has its own unique beauty and own position in nature. Hence, the hibiscus is considered as the national flower of Malaysia. Perhaps, you had a dream last night to see hibiscus, right? You are wondering about this dream. So let’s forecast 3 regions magnum 4d past result we saw explore hibiscus dream!

4d result malaysia today live

How are dreams Hibiscus Rosa related with keputusan toto?

If you had dreams of blooming hibiscus, this says you have the talents and strengths. However, you are not visible. It is really wasted. Do you dream of hibiscus flowers? In your dream, hibiscus flowers were with brilliant red color. This dream signaled joy and happiness coming steeply in your life . You will be lucky in both work and life. This is an auspicious harbinger of luck in your career and fortune as well. You can get chance of promoting in the near future. The hard before your time paid off. According to experts today the fastest lottery, you hurry right hand hit 63 – 02 – 64. This is the magnum 4d prediction for you to participate in the lottery.

Dreaming of flowers in general and hibiscus flowers in particular, fresh flowers as if it is a dream of luck with their owners. Dreamed hibiscus flowers are blooming for example, your life has more fun and have more happiness, warmth. Maintaining continued owl then, enjoy plenty of new things. Hibiscus dream was lucky omen.

If the color is red flowers in a dream, this is a harbinger of wealth to the house. Seeing yellow flowers are inherited wealth, also dreamed petals pink, blue or white are universal peace omen. Hopefully the above article can decipher certain parts of your own questions. Do not forget to reference and keep track of lottery keputusan4d results  fastest here you will have the lottery results quickly and accurately as it will you do?

4d magnum prediction

Can everyone win the lottery keputusan toto?

That may sound harsh, but there are many things I’d like to do in my life that won’t happen since I forget about them, change my mind, have major emotional blocks around the budget or I’m just plain lazy. Actually some goals just aren’t that important to me when it comes down to the hard work. So, how do you enhance your opportunities of winning the lottery spending metaphysical principles like the Law of Attraction? (Again, I think there are easier plans to make money – like generating a passive income business) But let’s see how you could apply the Law of Attraction to win. First of all, you’ve got to purchase a ticket. I’m not being glib here, but you ultimately do need to play the lottery to win the lottery. I haven’t won because I seldom play!


Do you know who lottery results checker?

No matter which lotteries you play, the automatic Lottery keputusan4d Checkers make checking your numbers for Lottery, Lottery Raffle, Euro Millions, Millionaire Maker, Thunder ball and the Health Lottery quicker and easier than ever. Spend our Lottery number checker to see if you’ve won a prize. We check all Lottery results 365 days back from the time you search. Do not forget, you can’t claim any prizes after 365 days of the draw so regularly checking your Lottery numbers is very important. As an added promotions you can even see how much you’ve won or would have won if you had played those toto4d numbers.

Lotto Raffle Checker for players of keputusan4d

This handy results checker makes it simple to check if your Lottery Millionaire Raffle codes match any of the winning numbers from any jackpot draws that have taken place in the last 180 days. Simply enter your Raffle number to see if your ticket is a winning players.

4d results live

The keputusan4d number checker for everyone

Our Power Ball number checker is one of our most common tools. Simply enter your numbers and the number checker app will report back on any winning combinations in the last 365 days. In addition, you’ll be told how much you won, the draw number and of course the day you won. The handy ‘reset’ button is helpful if you’re checking more than one line.

Health keputusan4d lottery results checker

Check the winning toto4d live numbers of your Health Lottery numbers for the last 12 months.

Health Lottery Results Checker brings you good indication of the past winning history of your numbers. This works particularly well when checking against the full numbers history (registered users only) where you are capable of spotting the winning patterns and decide as to play the combos again or just wait and reach the money.

Follow these simple steps: Input (or ‘Enter’) main numbers and lucky stars; Check for results.

Registered players can check the complete Health Lottery draw history.

You will be capable of seeing how much would you win and how much money would cost you to choose these numbers. On top of that we’ll provide you with the plans on how to optimize your combinations to give you the best possible opportunities to win. Notes: It is not advisable to play the combinations drawn most currently.

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How to win Health Lottery of keputusan4d

The smartest chance of winning the Health Lottery is to play our professionally generated most often lottery combinations!

Find out how to beat the lottery with the most favorable lottery combinations:

Win the next £100,000 Health Lottery jackpot with these most favorable combinations!

These frequently winning number combinations can raise your chances to win the jackpot significantly.

They are depended on high-frequency winning patterns and playing them can bring you more prizes than the advantages would normally allow. We expect that you can take more advantages of Malaysia toto Checker to get a lot of winning money.



In 2016, there were many gamblers who are fortunate to attain the highest prize with 4d toto lottery and make their millionaire dream come true. This writing will list some top lottery winners in Malaysia 2016 and their shares after getting win.

  • Two businessmen from Penang – Malaysia

The story of two businessmen won Sport Toto4d this month make us feel exciting with the amount up to RM40.8 mil of Supreme Toto 6/58 Jackpot with the draw on Dec 19 and 21.  Two 50-year old businessmen comes from Penang and the other became millionaires just after a night with the highest lottery reward.

4d result malaysia today live

A winning man among two has shared he has been experiencing spot toto games for more than 10 years and he feel ver delighted as collecting his winnings on Dec 21 recently.  He has also said more that he only purchased fortunate pick tickets for the Lotto games.

“I only place bet as I would like to play. I do not have a special squence of numbers as it comes to find out Lotto games; therefore, I only get option the fortunate pick tickets showed on the counter,” he shared, adding that it was his wife who found out about the Jackpot win through the website.

  • A man from Kedah – Malaysia won lottery prize

A person who comes from Kedah was lucky to reach the win of RM31.5 on Dec 5 recently and become a millionaire in Malaysia with his toto 4d lucky number. He is also a man in the business sector. He talked about the time when he has begun playing lottery game from helping his friends purchase numbers at a Sports Toto outlet three years ago. At that time, he do not know too much thing on this lottery, but after that he studied and become more and more interested with this gambling. He said that he was really happy and fortunate to be a winner with the incredible prize.

“I enjoy spending RM10 to RM20 to purchase fortunate pick tickets in every draw just to know how lucky I am, particularly when the prize money is very high.

damacai live

“I was really surprised and glad and I thought I had dim vision ad checking my tickets utilizing the CheckWin machine due to my prize money displayed a lot of ‘figures’, so I checked again at the outlet’s counter to confirm my winnings,” he said.

Both the above winners described the winnings as the biggest “year-end bonus”. They feel this is a big luckiness that they had ever had in their lives. They made plan to utilize their winning money on settling loans and for their children’s schooling, business investment as well as charity.

If you are a lottery player, you will have more motivation and excitement to continue playing toto 4d. Someday, you will be the next winner and become one of the millionaires in Malaysia. Finding out now to realize your enriching dream. Good luck!


Predict 4d lucky number  based on Super Liga

You’re a lot of people who like a lot of 4D past result game, you want to know why you do not win many games 4D? And many 4d lucky number were predicted based on Super Liga. So, you cann’t miss this article and it’ll help you know how to predict 4D lucky number. Take the time to read this article if you want to win the game, a lot of 4D, and get more cash from them.

Many people remember that the 4D lottery is all about luck. This is true, but that does not mean there is no way to raise the chances of winning, and predict the lucky numbers.

Lucky Numbers Generator

Whether you’re a professional gambler, an online casino enthusiast, a lottery devotee, an Internet betting fan, a casual gamer, a businessman, someone who is in love or anyone who believes in fortunate numbers, you might generate as many personal lucky numbers as you like. There’re no limits, and this is a totally free service – begin using by entering your first name and date of birth and choose any of the four systems to instantly find your favorable picks.

magnum results

For the lucky ones, it’s easy to win any type of lotteries, contain many game 4dtoto with date of birth, which involves the purchase last 4 digits of your cellphone number, the numbers or the number of cars in their dreams. You know that dreams are often expected to happen in your life, a lot of toto 4D lucky number you may be one of them. Why not try? You’ll be surprised with your dream.

Some predict random Lottery 4D tool

There’re many sites that offer free listing tool may generate random lottery numbers 4D through them.

We’re the leading sites where you can get and use real-time prediction tool toto 4d lotteries generate a random number. These random numbers aren’t based on anything, but still suitable for many gamblers.

Using a random number lottery 4D toto prediction lucky number for one of the easiest way to the next stage. Especially, if you’re a new lottery to play it, and then use random is a good choice.

Tool predicts lottery lucky winners

Many toto 4D lucky in their lucky numbers, lucky day, even if lucky 4d result history predictions, many people don’t think about them. For example, Malaysia lucky some luck, and a lot of lucky numbers.

We had some luck, there’re tools that will help not their lucky numbers of people.

You may use this free tool to generate lucky numbers for yourself and try your own  luck. For example, Malaysia lucky some luck, and a lot of lucky numbers lucky numbers.


Chart usage that exceeds the analyst

There are many who believe they may predict the winning numbers using charts or formulas, and analyze lottery numbers. Generally, they’ll set up a schedule that includes all past lottery results. Past results will be arranged this week, months. They’ll analyze and try to create a formula to predict the outcome of the lottery. You can also use this trick to predict many 4D lucky number, but you should know that it is not easy to find another recipe, so you cam try to establish appropriate strategies and lottery numbers to select from.

How is your winning percentage to select lucky 4d number with this method?

The winning rate of gamer will quite high when using the result history to make a predict for winning numbers because they may give the common trend based on the past winning numbers and have firmer basis to guess possible numbers which is get higher opportunity to appear in the next draw.

Now you can begin to make a plan for choosing a lucky number of Keputusan toto or any forms of lottery casino games by searching and write down the result history which will reveal and give the high winning chance.


Liga indonesia super live and forecast 4d lucky number for toto 4d

The toto4d forecasting and the way to win the lottery numbers are always the big questions for players of lottery gaming system. For many years, it is quite challenging for players at any level to forecast exactly which the next lucky numbers are and how to win the big money. It is based on a great proportion of the way you guess and a little bit gambling fortune. With the purpose of estimating the next lucky numbers, you need to know about some fields including mathematic as well as statistic one. Moreover, you are required to understand the conditions and rules in the lottery system. All of the experienced players do not depend much on their good fortune. They win thanks to their accurate computation of the lucky numbers of around 90% of accuracy.

latest magnum result

The reason why we choose the 4dtoto to invest and get rich

Lottery is one of the simple money making ideas. The only reason why we choose it is to get rich. Thanks to lottery like 4dtoto, we can make more money and make our bank account nicer. Moreover, we will make them double up the amount of money and wealthy that we must have more freedom and choices. Money itself is just a side effect and most players has bad debt expenditures like housing, car, study/education and larger personal loan responsibility with banks. Most of the time, their money is just used to pay the finance interest rate.

Even in the worst cases, when they wasting their money on car petrol or purchasing something they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress they don’t need. Why we don’t have money? The answer is very simple. We get experience of managing money from people who is poor same like us. We don’t need financial planner since they never was a millionaire. Most individual is lazy and some even don’t want to take advantage of their brain. History has shown that, if you work hard with an intelligent way. In one day of the near future, the money will chase you. Ask all rich people who begin from zero, how hard they work everyday. There is no such thing as amazing money in this world.

toto malaysia

What is your lucky numbers from the Liga Indonesia super live

Have you ever wondered how to estimate the toto 4d lucky number exactly? Do you know about the Liga Indonesia super live? This is a table aggregating results of football tournaments in Indonesia. Instead of getting a headache due to finding out formula to compute the next lottery results, you can base on the numbers offered in this table.

For example, you are fall in love with a football team named Madura United. In the competition with the team Perseru Serui, this team win with the rate of 7-1. Hence, you can choose 7+1=8 as your next lucky numbers in the lottery draws. This is only one specific example among others. You can also choose information of other teams you love. It is up to you. Good luck!


Prince of Soul and the tragedy of the day “April Fools” part 2

Marvin Gaye and Janis Hunter.

By the time Marvin Gaye end the second marriage, male artist seems to have had a very difficult period in the face, even entangled in addiction. To reorganize itself, Marvin Gaye had moved to live with his parents, but he did not know that this decision was very wrong.

Day “April Fools” destiny

At 1230 BST night dawn April 1, 1984, Marvin Gaye was his own father shot to death in the house where he gave his parents. Fired three shots to the chest caused Marvin Gaye could not pull through on the way to hospital.

Capital ever, the relationship between Marvin Gaye and the father was not very harmonious but he was always in good faith with the whole family. The proof is that after the success on the path of music, Marvin Gaye gave parents a spacious house

The house where the incident occurred.

Even in an effort to get along with his father, Marvin Gaye Marvin Gay Sr. gave his a gun for self defense. Where any doubt that the gun that killed Marvin Gaye.

Marvin Gaye took the night before, his parents had a heated argument on the issue of the insurance contract. The loud between them came to the ears Gaye, he asked his father had dropped his voice when talking to his mother.

Everything seemed ended Marvin Gay Sr. but he resumed aloud, which makes extreme anger Gaye, plus is undergoing rehabilitation at home led him to have acted out of control.

While angry, Marvin Gaye came to their father assaulted by force limbs. This according to Alberta she says it’s like a stab Gaye pay for the years of childhood violence.

And the most unexpected people have come, Mr. Marvin Gay Sr. was shot to death his son. The court sentenced him to six years’ probation for involuntary acts of murder and acts of self-defense of his nature. The father died in 1998 of pneumonia at a nursing home in California.

Mr. Marvin Gay Sr. being escorted in court.

Marvin Gaye’s funeral was held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, has more than ten thousand people participated in his farewell.

Unfortunately for the world to lose a legend like Marvin Gaye music. News of his death spread dramatically on the news and radio. Artists and fans expressed regret to his limitless.

In 1990, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Marvin Gaye was able to expectations of thousands of fans, including famous comedian Eddie Murphy Americans.

5 Tips to get toto 4d prediction for today

Latest 4D past results can be found online free of cost. Even for the people who did not play 4D lottery, they usually check the 4d result because it helps them to predict lucky numbers for their lottery. It’s fact that there are chances that the number which won the 4d lottery once can be won again and have more chances to win as compare to other lottery numbers.

So, if you’re looking for 4D results such as Sports toto results or Magnum results then you may use internet to get updates about latest 4D results. There are dozens of sites which provide latest 4D results but not all of them provide 4D results on time or real time, sometime you need to wait for number of hours or even days to know latest 4D results while there is a website who update about 4D in real time which means you can get instant update about 4D lottery online games, number, prediction and latest 4D results.

4d result 88

Recently updated Keputusan toto 4D results

It’s also important in determining the chances of winning an esssential part of the lottery and purchasing the next lottery number for the next game. If you do not know the latest 4D effect, it isn’t possible to guess the winning numbers tell you that a lottery took place even in a loser.

It is understood that keputusan 4D lottery result time is very important because it is a good way to help you choose the true 4d lottery for the next game. Each group will select a different 4d lottery number for the strategy. A lot of people tend to draw numbers recently, whilst others close your eyes on a series of 4D lottery betting next to their time.

According to many people’s minds, some winners of previous draws have plenty of chances to win again, whilst others believe that the number will have less chance to win again and again as it’s drawn earlier. This is why you need to update the latest 4d malaysia results. It is absolutely essential that you can buy the number of tickets you want earlier than others have more opportunites in the lottery jackpot.

Check latest results

Before you buy any toto 4d lucky number to bet, you should update the latest results in a week, even a month. The 4d results play an important role in your win. You can base on the latest draw results to seek out the number you like or choose to buy numbers that you have good feeling and think they’ll be winning numbers.

magnum malaysia

Use charts which analyst past results

There’re lots of people believe that they may predict winning numbers in lottery by using charts or formulas as well as analysis. Generally, they’ll set a table which consists all past draw results. The lottery past results will be arranged by weeks, months. They’ll analyst and try to create a formula to predict lottery outcomes. You can use this tip to predict your Toto 4d lucky number but you should know that it isn’t easy to know formulas of others people, so you should try to make proper strategies and options to lottery numbers.

The fourth tip you need to know

Malaysia 4D results help various ways to predict lottery numbers in the future, while you may also evaluate the performance of the overall 4dtoto games. For example, many people use the results of the last Malaysia Magnum 4D as results, results and results Damacai 4d Sportstoto to extract the most significant digit of each winner. This was done by taking 10 previous results and see if the numbers are repeated each time. Some gamers using whole instead of specific digit to the lottery in their future, where some players are just waiting for the results 4D so they can skip the 4d numbers in the future that have been won.

The fifth tip you need to know

On the basis of keputusan 4d you can also predict that there’s a series of numbers is winning the lottery. Buy whole series of lotteries cann’t be possible for many gamers because of its price but bought the series of numbers on the basis of past results and the results of Magnum 4D, results and outcomes Damacai can raise muscle Sportstoto your winning opportunity, but only if the serial number has been selected after a complete study contains results through kutupusan toto was used in the prediction of 4D lottery numbers.


Soul Music

Soul (soul music) is a musical genre with depth, quite common, are derived from the US in around 1950, early 1960. It is a combination of many elements from gospel music (music being negative) of African Americans, R & B (Rhythm and blues) and jazz.

Soul became a popular genre of music for dance and enjoy in the states in the US – where the famous labels such as Motwn, Atlantic and Stax had affected during the height of the the civil rights movement. Soul which also became a popular genre around the world, directly influenced rock and genres originating from Africa.

According to museum Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, soul music is a genre of music is formed from the experience of life of blacks in America through the transformation of gospel, R & B to funky, secular (music world continuous). The key feature of the rhythmic soul music is appealing, the beats emphasized by applause, the improvisation by the movements of the body.

Other characteristics, such as a mix between structured “question – answer” (call and response) between the solo and part friends, more particularly healthy is the sound of the vocal strain. This category also use additional elements like improvisation (improvisation), and singing legato sound reduplicative plugins like eh, ah, oh, yeah ….

Soul becomes dominant in the charts of music R & B USA in the 1960s, and many recordings then began to be on the charts pop music in the US, UK and elsewhere … In 1968, soul music began to split into many subgenres, some artists have developed into funk, while quite a few developing towards the complex, more mixed.

In the early 1970s, soul music has influenced psychedelic rock music and other genres. America has witnessed the development of neo-soul music (contemporary soul music) in about the year 1994. There are also several subgenres and twigs from the soul.

The main subgenres of soul music covers music styles Detroit (Motwn), this is a genre of music with rhythms influenced by gospel music; Music deepsoul and Southern soul, this is a kind soul and powerful “movement” than in conjunction with R & B music and the sounds of Southern gospel (gospel southern US), Memphis soul, a style dim , more sultry.

New Orleans soul, a style beyond the R & B; Chicago soul, a genre influenced slightly by the sound of gospel music; Philadelphia soul, echoes with a symphony inspired singing doo-wop music; Psychedelic soul, is a blend of psychedelic rock and soul music; blue-eyed soul, music genre performed by white artists; British soul; Northern soul, this is a fairly rare genre is played by the DJ in a nightclub in northern England.


King of soul music was died

Percy Sledge, was dubbed the “king of soul music”, famous for the song When A Man Loves classic A Woman, has died in a hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (US), after a period of war fight liver cancer, at the age of 74 years old.

Sledge was diagnosed with liver cancer from one decade ago. From the last week of his health condition would go bad and ultimately led to the death.

Having a hit song by … lovelorn

Born in Leighton, Alabama, Sledge fame since 1960. He owns the vocal characteristic, unlike any other, and has produced many hit songs including Warm And Tender Love, It Tears Me Up and Take Time To Know Her.

Soul music of the 1960s mainly write about the rich man, strong but soft, vulnerable, lonely and desperate for love. In the song, they are sentimental, easy to cry. Sledge’s unique vocals fit well with such ballads. There is no exaggeration to say that no one owns voice broke many hearts as him.               


When A Man Loves song A Woman has become a trademark of Sledge. The song entered at number 53 in the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. This is his first single and is regarded as one of the immortal soul songs, the best of all time.

Sledge songs were recorded in 1966, when he was a 25 years old artist struggling to make a living. By day, he worked in a nursing home. At night he performed with the Esquires Combo band in local clubs.

Sledge said that after the sexual experience lasts 3 years with his girlfriend (1965 people had left him to come to Los Angeles modeling) helped him with emotion needed to perform When A Man Loves A Woman . Sledge also shared that he was shaking when recording When A Man Loves A Woman, but quickly regained his composure and brilliantly performed songs.

Ambassador of the humble origins

When A Man Loves A Woman When accounting for the top spot in the charts around the world, Sledge no longer have to work in a nursing home again. However, despite the amount of sold copies of When A Man Loves A Woman is very high, Sledge not get much profit from this song.

The reason he has signed contracts with two other members of the band as Calvin Lewis and Andrew Wright (who is also the author of the song), to accept lower profits. Because of this, he took hundreds of thousands of dollars. Later, Sledge admitted it was his worst decision.

When A Man Loves Later A Woman have been many singers back, like Michael Bolton and Bette Midler. It became the soundtrack of several films, including Platoon (Platoon), about the war in Vietnam. Also the song was also included in the advertising campaign of the brand Levis 1980s.

In 50-year career, almost every year the average Sledge also performs 100 concerts. The performances of the audience he always closed. In 1989, he was awarded the Organization R & B career achievement award and in 2005, he was named to the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll.

“It is sad that we have to say goodbye to a true legend, a man came lowly but great personality” – Mark Lyman, his friend and his managers are shared – ” everyone loved him, not only by the song When A man loves A Woman. He is an ambassador of the minority backgrounds. He is an international icon. “


Seal – One of the core values of soul music

On November 2011, British singer Seal released the album titled Soul II. This is the second collection includes classic songs typical of the school of black artists. Interspersed with lyrical prelude to the soft rhythm, singing Seal carpentry select accent, dismissed the cumbersome details to find how primitive core soul music.

Henry Olusegun real name is Samuel, Seal was born in 1963 in London, in a family of immigrant descent, released original Nigerian and Brazilian mother. Time was little, he taught himself to sing piano lesson. At 17, he joined a band funky British (Push), and often went to sing with the group in the music shop. The band signed to Japan performances, until the expiration of the party returned to England, but Seal decided to stay in Asia. UK to Thailand and then to India, where he cultivate more skilled when it comes to singing the night away at the discos, restaurants and hotels for a living.

Returning to London after nearly 4 years of nomadic, Seal barely a penny in his pocket. 10 years to sing but never once had the opportunity to list. Whether he ever graduated in architecture, with sufficient qualifications in hand, but Seal has decided to pursue theater arts path. Seal chance to meet the band when he Adamski. The group recruited a new vocalist for their recording projects. An unexpected way, Killer songs first excerpt from the song book (Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy) jumped to first class European market. Also on the international market, the song Killer ranked 5th among the best-selling song in 1990.

From the early 1990s onwards, the name of Seal constantly going up. Within 10 years he released four albums. The climax of his career was in 1996, at a time when Seal won important prizes MTV and BRIT awards thanks to the Kiss from a Rose Music (Kiss of the Roses). The Grammy’s remaining period of the United States, he was named to three times, including two top prize is pop singer and best song of the year.

Entering the 2000s, Seal’s voice, though still popular, but the level of success is not shining brightly as ever. Dance pop with RnB but coordinated well with his singing, but even in this school, Seal was another series of names intense competition, they use images to convey the music, the song is illustrated by elaborately staged displays, master dance, jump smoothly.

And in private life, Seal married model Heidi Klum (2005), pictures of the couple often appeared on the cover of the press people, but can make the artist a bit disappointed. As well from which each new album release, the interview revolves heavily on private life than his passion for singing.

In search of a new breath, Seal accepted collaborative recordings with artists specializing in different genres: rock with Jeff Beck singer, jazz fusion guitarist Herbie Hancock, with DMX rap music, light music with French singer Mylène Farmer. But it was not until 2005, a private charity concert, Seal discovered the jazz singing his soul. The first song that brought soul music vaguely recorded Seal is composed of 70s singer Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach’s two authors and Hal David.

Hence also the idea of ​​recording the episode helped fuel soul music started in his mind. Until meeting Canadian producers David Foster, also known as witch hand, ready Seal embarked on a new adventure. Called ” adventure ” because recorded classic songs considered soul music so that’s not easy at all.

Forte music of black artists know how many giant trees and the most difficult for Seal is how to let music lovers to forget the original post to hear his version. In other words, how to escape from this influence of the masters and find a place for himself. In 2009, Seal released Soul music files first and less than two years after the second song book has just been released to fans. Collective Soul II marks 20 years since his career Seal released his debut album in 1991.

We can say that at the beginning, music lovers have responded quite enthusiastically for the first song book Soul debuted at the European market including Germany France Belgium Netherlands, Switzerland and ranked fourth on the US market . Seal’s voice is not soft flexible as Al Green, not thoughtful thousand six as Otis Redding, but was found to differentiate itself, by exploiting these weaknesses to then turn into advantages.

Seal’s voice is very rustic, dry place if not slightly hoarse thorny. Instead of hiding these imperfections, Seal has chosen it as the highlight factors: the version of Seal hence the easier identification. In the alternative phrasing, almost new coat for the time renowned love songs, the singer focuses on ways to release the text: reduplicative legato sounds trilled in between but abstinence ash

Prince of Soul and the tragedy of the day “April Fools” – Past 1

If no date “April Fools” fateful, perhaps life “Prince Soul” Marvin Gaye would not so tragic.

Marvin Gaye was dubbed the “Prince of Soul”. He is a singer, songwriter, famous American musicians.

Were exposed to music very early, Marvin Gaye began to sing in the church choir from the age of three. Later he was promoted Marvin his musical talents by learning the piano and drums.

Marvin Gaye (center) and his parents.

Idea that the way to Marvin Gaye’s music will be very convenient, but unfortunately that his father was a very strict with his children. According to her Alberta, Marvin Gaye has suffered consecutive beatings inflicted by his father since he was seven years old until as a teenager.

Speaking of the relationship between himself and his father, Marvin Gaye said: “Living with Father like to live with such a king, a king brutal, moody and tyrannical humans.”

Life is stressful for fathers is also the reason they changed their Marvin.

Even more intolerable because of the beatings, Marvin Gaye young man was soon joined the US Air Force. Such is the passion for music from a young age had to put aside.

Fortunately she was a mother of Alberta psychology, her supporters have given his son advancement in musical path. Shortly after being discharged, Marvin Gaye continued what is underway.

Marvin Gaye’s start from small steps only, he joined the theater in a local band.

But the real turning point was Marvin Barry Gordy Jr. is attention to Barry’s Motown record label founder celebrated. Marvin Gaye joined Motown signed in 1961.

A series of hits have been born in mind in the talent of Marvin Gaye and the support of Motown like Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide, Stubborn Kind of Fellow, Can I Get a Witness, Too Busy Thinking About My Baby, That’s the Way Love is … Especially Pride and Joy became the first hit song in the top 10 of the rankings Billbroad.

Marvin Gaye performed on stage.

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell was named the Royal pair of R & B.

Within three years the couple was particularly impressed with the audience by singing songs like Is not No Mountain High Enough, If I Could Build My Whole World Around You … Unfortunately heyday must stop Tammi takes to foreclose because of a brain tumor in 1970.

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell on the album cover.

Male artists have had two wives and three children. His first wife was the sister of Barry Gordy, Anna Gordy. The couple divorced in 1975 and they had a son, Marvin Pentz Gaye III is adopted.

Marvin Gaye and Anna Gordy.

Second marriage was with Marvin Gaye Janis Hunter, the love of two people who gave birth to one of the most famous love songs of all time is Let’s get it on. The song was number one on the Billboard charts.
Seems like the coast road south of the troubled artist. The second marriage ended a staggering in 1981. The couple had a daughter together Nona and a son is Frankie.

Soul Music – the pride of African Americans

Is a combination of R & B and gospel, with lyrics mundane and more rhythmic catchy, easy to sing soul music spread rapidly beyond the scope of the community of African-American and became the pride of the skin come.


Before learning about the soul, we need to be familiar with two other concepts are relatively common, such as R & B and Gospel music. R & B Rhythm and blues popular in the community blacks African Americans from the 1940s, is defined for the first time as a genre “elegant, swaying, with background jazz with beat stronger and hit the go receive”. Gospel or gospel music is “religious music of African-Americans based on the church choir with solo voices virtuosity”. Gospel music was introduced to African-American culture since the beginning of the 17th century once again can be derived from the gospel music’s 2,000-year history of hymns in church music and folk music of rural areas.

The definition of soul music recorded in the Museum Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “music arising from the experience of black people in America, through the transformation of gospel music and R & B into a form of funky and more secular. ” The phrase “soul music” officially appeared in 1961, meaning itself is genre-style gospel with secular lyrics. The word “soul” in the words of black Americans have a broader sense the pride and culture. Catchy melody, rhythm is pressed by the applause and the arbitrary motion of the body are the features of the soul.

In addition, there is the repartee between the vocalist and the backing vocals. While performing, in paragraph break between paragraphs, the singer used to say a few words what species which are not found in the song. Soul music was born thanks to the innovation of a new generation of musicians after the war – who has made gospel music became a secular art form and easy to sing, easy to remember. Because of factors that soul quickly became popular.

Some typical artist: Ray Charles, Otis Redding, The Impessions, Aretha Franklin

Soul music became popular by chance. At the time of the birth of soul music, racial discrimination in the United States is still extremely fierce. Until 1980, the term “African American” are used in the United States. Previously, only white people use the word “Negro” or “all”.

When movements struggle for the civil rights of blacks moving into a new phase, large demonstrations broke out and race pride rising, soul music is not just music for bar party colored year, it became the flag of revolt nationalist movement. Although in essence, soul does not bring political factors, but it climbed to high positions in the charts of popular music at the time was considered a success first, and most visible in public reclaim the civil rights of blacks. Soul then received by both whites and had great success in reducing racism in America. Whites, most prejudiced and conservative, also started to change the look of black soul music since birth. Two cultures began with the mutual communication, including the significant contribution of the music.

The first artist of soul music

The name is mentioned first is Ray Charles Robinson, singer, songwriter and pianist blind in Los Angeles. Ray Charles is said to be the creator of the soul music genre with the first hit in 1954, released by Atlantic Records – “I Got a Woman”. Ray is also well known people who put lyrics to the melody secular gospel music had earlier. This had been opposed, saying it is blasphemous to church. The second peak complex combination of jazz-blues-gospel and Latin music, the song “What’d I Say” was released in 1959. Although in many radio stations banned by is sexually suggestive lyrics , but the song still rise dramatically in the top 10 in the ranking of popular music. Ray Charles was the first black artist to do that.

Ray Charles (23/09/1930 – 06/10/2004)

If Ray Charles was recognized as the first to bring soul music by secularization gospel songs, the Queen of soul – Aretha Franklin – to bring fuller. Atlantic Records, once again, produced and released the song “I Never Loved A Man” by Aretha in 1967, which led to a series of top recordings of soul music of all time.

Aretha Franklin (born 03/25/1942)

Little Richard, Fats Domino and James Brown was the first soul music artists. However, they are inclined to regard themselves as liking the music more rock and roll. Anyhow, also rooted rock R & B, James Brown asserts that in essence, he is a singer of R & B. Little Richard was hailed as “king of rock and roll, blues and soul ryhm and” because his music is the embodiment of all three genres and influence artists in that genre. In addition, Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke is also known as the ancestor of this soul music. In the later 1960s, Otis Redding was one of the singer, songwriter, producer a big impact in terms of style and soul of trade, with the launch of Sound record label Stax. Atlantic Records is a record label released music pioneer of black people, but other than this company, Stax soul music Sound produced only with additional mixing gospel, funk, jazz, and blues.

Little Richard (born 5/12/1932)

Fats Domino (born 25/02/1928)

James Brown (03/05/1933 – 25/12/2006)

Otis Redding (09/09/1941 – 10/12/1967)

Soul music started to go into orbit develop and occupy the dominant position of the Negro music of the ’60s, especially in the 70s, and was borrowed by a generation of white artists popular in his day Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds as hours. Later, the popularity of soul music power decreases, but its influence is permanently ingrained in some form later music. m of modern music is not merely under a more specific category, which is mixed with the elements of the genre since its early days.

President Obama sings soul music on TV

Witty performances of President Obama make viewers very interested in the program The Tonight Show.

President Obama sings Jimmy Falon show: In the program The Tonight Show aired on the 5th last, the White House bosses became guests, complete with witty conversation with MC Jimmy Fallon. In it, he expressed his concern about the Republican Party, and its achievements over time. Not only that, he also makes the audience very interested in having won the mic, show one line in the song Slow Jam The News.

In the program The Tonight Show broadcast on 5th recently, of The White became the guests, complete with witty conversation with MC Jimmy Fallon. In it, he expressed his concern about the Republican Party, and its achievements over time.

President Obama’s special share program The Tonight Show.

He told the US audience: “It’s an honor and a privilege when I was your presidency for more than 8 years.” In addition, Obama also mentioned about the achievements gained in the role of President, including action on the issue of climate change, to accept gay marriage and enact health care law fall.

Not only that, he also makes the audience very interested in having won the mic, show one line in the song Slow Jam The News. The president also expressed his how to take action after failing to get the backing of the government.

His son said, “orange will not be the new black,” referring to the Republican candidate Donald Trump will not be elected president.

Soul music songs as enchanted

The Soul as its name implies is the soul. Each song Soul are sobbing, that’s heart sing. They did convey deep emotions to the listener that blend into the story with that music. Please introduce the Soul that we can not ignore.

The song “My Heart” – Artist: Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright came from the orchestra sang Gospel music, she has accumulated a traditional music style and adapted to his Soul music later. The song “My Heart” is not only the heart beat with wooden sets clear background with the sobbing of a woman was waiting. Listen to this song, we feel like the sound played by Lizz Wright comes from her own heart.


The song “Do You Love Me Now” – Singer: Nneka

When listening Nneka sings, few know that she was German descent with Nigeria and Germany. Most of the time she was in Nigeria but not so far removed Nneka’s music to the world. In the song “Do You Love Me Now”, Nneka as being begged or asked to be confirmed and affirmed love yourself. There were moments, her voice has rung up, we thought she was crying in the theater of his sentence. After listening to this song, you’ll love Nneka right away?

The song “I Do not want to miss a thing” – Singer: Selena Jones

The public was so familiar and favorite song “I Do not want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith. If rock bands with songs express the powerful torn it with Selena Jones, this old songstress like sitting opposite to you, depicting a beautiful face with a smile, a kiss to then laments to slip away. Singing round the rim, clear letters Selena Jones accenting each word makes the listener to sing again caught up in the song. After listening to this song, you will probably thought this was a song different from what you heard.