Billie Joe Armstrong ‘Green Day’: Trump Makes Me Diarrhea

Green Day plans to release an album titled ‘Father of All Motherfuckers’ in 2020. February 2020 is scheduled to be the time of the album’s release.

According to Billie Joe Armstrong, the album portrays life in the United States during the administration of President Donald Trump.


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However, he said the song was not about Trump. He openly said he was not willing to make a song about a businessman who later became a controversial politician.

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“I did not get any inspiration from the President of the United States (Donald Trump), because his presence there was nothing,” he was quoted as saying from Kerrang.

He added sharply, “Trump makes me feel like I have diarrhea, you understand? I don’t want to write a song about him!”

Before releasing his album, Green Day had already released a single with the same title as the album.