Dream Theater: There are no New Albums until 2019

Tumulus-band.com – Reporting from Blabbermouth, John Petrucci announced that Dream Theater will not release a new album until 2009. This veteran guitarist will be replaced by the G3 series with Joe Satriani in North America and Europe for the whole of 2018. As a result, Dream Theater will not release new material in the time of delivery.

“Believe it or not, I will approve these two G3 tours until the spring of next year, so we will not work on new material until next year and will only release a new album roughly to buy afterwards.”

“Our album already knows the direction of the material. We are very happy to work on it but not in the near future, “said Petrucci.

After completing the world series for the 25th anniversary of Photos & Words, Petrucci agreed that the latest Dream Theater album material might approve the sound of that era.

“I think the material we play now is connected to our music and mindset in the early 90s and everything related to that period, the tour connected us to the Dream Theater music style of that period,” Petrucci explained.

“We are ready to return to the recording studio. Our discussion process to work on this material is very interesting, “he concluded.

Meanwhile James LaBrie (vocal) told Rockbook last May at Dream Theater that he was waiting at the start of new material “pretty cool”.

“We are only now planting the seeds. We just worked on a few things, but so far the material sounds cool. The serious process will only be done after we finish the tour. We will return to the studio every day to write new songs. At the moment, we have quite a lot of savings ideas, “LaBrie said.