Full of Music 1, Fun to Play Rhythm Game with Your Favorite Songs

Fun to Play Rhythm Game with Your Favorite Songs – Do you like listening to your favorite songs using a smart phone? Immersed in the strains of your favorite tones while on your way to work by train, for example? Do you want to be able to play an occasional game based on your favorite songs? Well, this is the game you are looking for, namely Full of Music 1, which is one of the offerings of Handicrafter!

Maybe you are surprised, why this game’s title is Full of Music 1? What is the purpose of the number 1? Apparently, Handicrafter had previously released a game called Full of Music only. However, the game is subject to policy issues from Google so it must be removed from the Play Store. Therefore, they also released this new game entitled Full of Music 1.

Full of Music 1 is a rhythm game, where players will be required to be able to touch certain positions on the screen that are adjusted to the tone and lines that pass through. On the game screen, 4 lanes are displayed which are crossed by tone lines. The player’s job is to touch the bottom of the line when the lines cross right at the boundary line. Not only touches at the right time, sometimes there is a light line where the player also has to do the slide besides touching at the right time.

If the player successfully does it right on the boundary line, he will get the value “Perfect.” Meanwhile, if it’s too fast or too slow, it will get “Great” or “Good.” If it really fails, the player will get a value of “Bad” or even “Miss” if not touched at all. All ratings will be totaled at the end of the song, and give an overall score.

Usually, rhythm games provide a number of songs to play. And, Full of Music 1 also does provide some of these songs. The fun here, Full of Music 1 can import songs of your favorite MP3 format that are in the cellphone storage media, both in internal memory and on the SD Card. The songs are then processed by the game, and will provide a rhythm game that matches the notes of the song.

Full of Music 1 has a fairly high pitch accuracy, but it is not perfect. For fast-pitched songs, the game usually works up to 90% to give the right rhythm game slot feel. Meanwhile, for slower songs, the accuracy may be only 70%. Uniquely here, all the song difficulty settings can be changed at will. Starting from the level of difficulty, then the speed of the tone lines, the existence of the Slide Note to the vibration. In fact, if you feel the match level of the song and the tone is lacking, players can change it themselves by using the Note Adjustment feature

In addition, players can also change the orientation of the game, whether you want to play it horizontally or vertically, where the horizontal version has a 3D image display, while vertical is only 2D. The theme of the game can also be changed. Neon Space, Full Contrast, and Pink Art themes are available. Everything is displayed with futuristic graphics and nice to look at.

Full of Music 1 is a free-to-play game, but be prepared to always be bothered by advertisements that will come out every time you finish a song. There are no microtransactions, only buttons to donate to turn off advertisements. But actually, it is enough to turn off the internet connection alone to eliminate the presence of these advertisements.

With a fairly high level of accuracy of the gameplay tone, Full of Music 1 is one music game that can make all the MP3s on your cellphone as an exciting stage game. Indeed, it takes quite a long time when this game is analyzing the songs provided. In addition, it is recommended to use a song that is not too long, because you will be tired yourself if you import a 20 minute medley song as a stage, unless you really want a marathon to play it.

This is one game that deserves to be on the mobile fans of rhythm games and music. Moreover, Full of Music 1 is really small in size, only takes up to 30 MB on your cellphone (plus of course the gigabytes of MP3s that you can store), there is no reason not to try this game. Come on, tune in and play your favorite songs right now!