Tribute 3 Hour Concert, Mike Shinoda ‘Linkin Park’: Make Chester Bennington Proud

New York – As promised, at the weekend Linkin Park also held a tribute concert for the dead vocalist, Chester Bennington . Unmitigated, Linkin Park also invited a series of big stars in the music world at this concert.

With a setlist of 31 songs, a series of names such as Alanis Morissette , System of A Down , Avenged Sevenfold , Sum 41 , until Blink 182 also thrilled the Hollywood Bowl for 3 hours with the music lovers in attendance. Interestingly, in this performance the nu-metal unit performed a number of new songs.

Rest , became one of the new songs that Mike Shinoda and cs shared with Alanis, where the song tells about the stigma faced by people who are struggling with depression and mental health. “I want to offer empathy to anyone out there and empathy for Chester,” Mike Shinoda said.

In addition Shinoda also brought a new song which he completed after 8 days of Chester’s departure which summed up his sense of loss over the departure of the vocalist. “After this, where will Linkin Park go? I don’t know what will happen with this song. If we continue our steps, I want to build this song,” Mike Shinoda said about the song called Looking For An Answer .

A number of other performers were no less impressed by music lovers and fans who wanted to pay their last respects to Chester. Like Ryan Key ( Yellowcard ) who sang Shadow of the Day , M Shadow and Synister Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) who brought Faint , Blink 182 with the track I Miss You , to Zedd who played drums with Oliver Sykes ( Bring Me The Horizon ) to sing Crawling song .

In closing, Mike Shinoda cs brought Bleed It Out while saying if they don’t know whether this moment will be a new era or the end of Linkin Park. “We don’t know where we are going. But we really appreciate your support . Most importantly, keep Chester in your hearts and make him proud,” concluded Shinoda.